Monday, December 4, 2023

Court Injuncts NLC, TUC From Proposed November 14 Strike


The National Industrial Court(NIC) has placed an injuction on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), preventing them from undertaking the proposed strike announced on Friday. Recall that the body had in a press conference in Abuja stated unequivocally that they would be going on strike as a means to protest the brutality on the body Chairman Comrade Ajaero, reportedly metted out by the Nigerian Police Force.

Justice Benedict Bakwaph Kanyip, Court President issued the injunction following report brought to the court by the Federal Government and attorney general of the federation. Citing section 17 and 19 of the National Industrial Court Act as backing for issuing of the injucntion.

The judge, who was persuaded by the Federal Government’s arguments, in a short ruling said, it is within the power of the court to intervene by way of a restraining order to ensure peace and tranquility.

He proceeded to grant all the requests of the Federal Government as contained in the motion paper.

Besides, Justice Kanyip directed that the restraining order be pasted on the wall of the Labour House, being  the last known address of the two defendants to draw their attention to the court’s position.

Ken Sylvester
Ken Sylvester
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