Monday, December 4, 2023

Bauchi Emirate sacks 6 traditional title holders for improper turbaning


The Bauchi Emirate Council has reportedly sacked six newly turbaned traditional title holders for being improperly turbaned.

The now dethroned traditional title holders were recently turbaned by the District Head of Galambi District Area, one of the Districts that makeup the Emirate, Alh Shehu Adamu Jumba.

The decision to dethrone them was made by the Council during one of its regular meetings held at the Council Secretariat inside the Emir’s Palace in Bauchi.

A press statement by the Chief Information Officer of the Emirate, Babangida Hassan Jahun stated that the Council maintained that, the action was due to the fact that the process of the turbaning was contrary to the guidelines of such in the Emirate.

The Council also stated that it will be recalled that the District Head of Galambi, Alh. Shehu Adamu Jumba who is the Danlawal of Bauchi turbaned newly traditional title holders in his palace.

The titles he gave to the title holders included: Galadiman Danlawal, Majidadin Danlawal, Wakilin Dokan Danlawal, Wakilin Gonan Danlawal, Sarkin Dajin Danlawal and Hardo Hardon Danlawal.

Furthermore, the Council warned the District Head and others in the Emirate to ensure that any turbaning process must be in accordance with the guidelines and regulations laid down for such.

The Council also suspend the District Head from turbaning anymore for the period of one year with effect from November, 2023.

Ken Sylvester
Ken Sylvester
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