Monday, December 4, 2023

Hot Tempered Woman Leaves Users Feeling Sorry for Men


A woman has been making the round for her ill tempered behaviour captured on ncamera as she expressed her anger by destroying properties apparently belonging to her husband. She was seen smashing the TV at home

Watch the video below.


I’m sorry for some men that don’t look before they get married

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As always netizens had their say in the comments;

I’m sorry for some men who don’t look before they get married.”

@jean.p said:

“No one wants to know what the husband did. All of you are now on the TV.”

@Annette commented:

“A woman only acts this way when she feels she’s been deeply hurt. At least they hit the Tv, not the man himself.”

@QUEEN said:

Some men are also going through things.”

@bladegalley said:

“I was in this kind of toxic relationship last month. I sent the lady back to her family. I’m a happy man now.”


Ken Sylvester
Ken Sylvester
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