Movie: King Solomon (2021) [Nollywood] PART 4

King Solomon (2021) [Nollywood] PART 4

Starring: Sam Obiago, Ebele Okaro, Jerry Williams, Crystal Okoye, Emeka Amakaeze, Amarachi

Director: Piccolo Chidozie Obi

Executive Producer: Ikb Igboanugo


Prince Dozie(Jerry Williams) found himself a love he wanted tying the nut with immediate cos of his trip without knowing there are any implications on getting married before his elder brother prince Onyedika(Emeka Amakaeze). King Solomon (Sam Obiago) the great became hostile to his household after returning from his trip. Ojukwu(Piccolo Chidozie Obi) the chief guard and personal assistant to the King’s was under pressure to get a maiden of his choice with the approval of the king for marriage but somehow Prince Onyedika found love in the same Maiden Charity (Amarachi) with Ojukwu. Both of them are on pressure to get married cos prince Dozie has someone around and is ready to settle down can’t possibly do that cos of the heavy implications. Dozie’s dream about to happen? Dozie’s gal friend’s best friend lured him into making out with him. Are the fears of the royal homecoming to pass? let’s find out from the movies.


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