Movie: Abada na South (2021) [Nollywood] PART 2

Abada na South (2021) [Nollywood] PART 3

Starring: Yul Edochie, Linc Edochie, Mary Igwe, Lizzygold Onuwaje, Doris Ugo, Stanley Okoro (RIP)

Director: Nellyann Chisom James

Executive Producer: Izuchukwu Udennwa


Two close cousins material things made enemies. The war without end attracted Abada na South (Yul Edochie) as his brother who had his back was betrayed in the street of south Africa by Abada.

Igodo na South (Linc Edochie) Came back to get back all his properties stolen by his own cousin with war as he continued striking with every little chance he gets. Will he ever forgive Abada as he returned and arranged a funeral of the life he thought he betrayed and wasted in South Africa? A family war it was as Igodo refused to heed to anything peace talking and insisted and getting back what belong to him Abada stole from him out of envy and Wickedness….. Twas a war of the street heavyweight..


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