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We the Animals (2018)

Genre: Drama

Release Date: Aug 17, 2018

Stars: Sheila Vand, Raúl Castillo, Evan Rosado

Source: We.the.Animals.2018.720p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English

Manny, Joel, and Jonah tear their way through childhood. Their mother and father have a volatile relationship that makes and unmakes the family many times over, often leaving the boys fending for themselves. As their parents rip at one another, Manny and Joel harden and grow into versions of their father. With the triumvirate fractured, Jonah, who is the youngest, becomes increasingly aware of his desperate need to escape. Driven to the edge, Jonah embraces an imagined world all his own.



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