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Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria, all You Need to Know


Nigeria brims with an array of bustling daily income businesses, each pulsating with its unique rhythm in the grand economic orchestra. It’s a symphony composed of myriad opportunities, each note resounding with the promise of a thriving venture. Understanding this rich tapestry of daily income businesses isn’t merely about navigating entrepreneurial waters; it’s about seizing the pulse of a nation’s economic heartbeat.

In my exploration of these daily income ventures, I’ve unearthed a treasure trove of opportunities, each offering its own melody in the chorus of Nigerian commerce. From the bustle of Okrika clothing markets to the flicker of POS payment services, and the roar of sports viewing centers, these businesses stand as beacons of both resilience and prosperity.

Daily Income Businesses in Nigeria

Delving into these diverse opportunities is more than a mere venture into commerce; it’s an understanding of the fabric that binds Nigeria’s economic landscape. It’s about comprehending the needs, desires, and aspirations of a diverse populace seeking daily income streams. The importance lies not just in the monetary gains but in the symbiotic relationship between entrepreneurial endeavor and societal need.

Throughout this discourse, my focus remains centered on these bustling enterprises, delving into their nuances, unveiling their potentials, and spotlighting the names behind these endeavors. It’s about peeling back the layers of opportunity, revealing the colors and vibrancy within each daily income business in Nigeria.

Join me in this exploration as we unravel the intricate web of opportunities and discover the symphony of daily income businesses that resonate across Nigeria’s economic landscape. below are five best daily income businesses in Nigeria that you can start with small capital.

1. Okrika (OK) Clothes and Shoe Business

Let’s dive into the intricacies of starting an Okrika (OK) Clothes and Shoe Business, a market filled with potential and a growing demand for affordable clothing options.

Venturing into the Okrika clothing and shoe market involves selling second-hand clothing and shoes. This business is thriving due to the substantial demand for budget-friendly yet quality apparel across Nigeria.

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Market Demand for Affordable Clothing: The essence of Okrika clothing businesses lies in catering to individuals seeking economical yet stylish attire. Many Nigerians opt for second-hand clothes as they offer trendy choices at lower prices, making them a preferred choice for various demographics.

Location Importance and Customer Targeting: Choosing the right location significantly influences the success of an Okrika clothing venture. High-traffic areas or marketplaces often attract more customers. Additionally, understanding the demographics of the area aids in tailoring the inventory to suit the preferences of potential customers.

Cost to Start: Estimated Range and Factors Affecting Initial Investment: Starting an Okrika clothing and shoe business typically requires an estimated initial investment ranging from ₦50,000 to ₦200,000. Factors influencing this range include rent for the shop or market stall, procurement of inventory, and basic operational costs.

2. POS Payment Services Business

Service Provided: The POS Payment Services Business offers a crucial financial service by facilitating cash withdrawal and deposit transactions, especially in areas with limited banking infrastructure.

Serving Rural Areas Lacking Banking Access: This business caters to communities in rural areas where access to traditional banks or ATM points is challenging. Being the bridge to financial transactions, it offers convenience to locals who previously had to travel long distances for basic banking needs.

Convenience for Locals and Potential Profitability: The service’s convenience is undeniable. It’s a welcome solution for individuals who prefer local accessibility for their financial transactions. Beyond the service it provides, the POS Payment Services Business holds significant potential for profitability due to the demand for its services in underserved areas.

Cost to Start: Approximate Figures and Considerations for Setup: Setting up a POS Payment Services Business involves an approximate initial investment ranging from ₦20,000 to ₦300,000. This amount covers acquiring the POS machine, establishing agreements with partnering financial institutions, and initial operational expenses. However, profitability quickly offsets these initial costs as the service gains traction within the community.

3. Sports Viewing Centers

Allow me to shed light on the world of Sports Viewing Centers, an arena where Nigerian football enthusiasts gather for thrilling match experiences.

Sports viewing centers serve as hubs for football fans to collectively watch their favorite games, creating an electrifying atmosphere where the passion for the sport unites people from various walks of life.

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Target Demographic: Nigerian Football Fans: This business primarily targets Nigerian football aficionados, tapping into their fervor for the sport and providing a communal space to relish live matches, fostering a sense of camaraderie among fans.

Key Requirements for Establishing a Successful Viewing Center: Creating a successful sports viewing center entails a few crucial elements. A suitable location, reliable power supply, often backed up by a generator, multiple large television sets, comfortable seating arrangements, and a subscription to broadcasting services like DSTV are key components.

Cost to Start: Estimated Investment Range and Equipment Needs: Establishing a sports viewing center typically requires an estimated initial investment ranging from ₦150,000 to ₦300,000. The expenses include setting up the venue, acquiring multiple televisions, securing a DSTV subscription, furnishing, and ensuring a stable power supply, which may involve purchasing a generator.

4. Beauty Salon (Hairdressing & Make-up)


The potential of a beauty salon as an exceptional daily income generator. Let’s unlock the secrets to launching a successful beauty salon business.

Business Insight: Discussing the Potential of a Beauty Salon as a Daily Income Generator

A beauty salon stands as a beacon in the realm of daily income businesses in Nigeria. The constant demand for grooming and styling services ensures a steady stream of customers. People are always seeking to enhance their appearance, making beauty services an essential part of their routine. This consistency in demand presents a lucrative opportunity for those entering the beauty salon industry.

Startup Requirements: Outlining Necessary Skills, Tools, and Strategies

Starting a beauty salon requires a blend of skills, the right tools, and strategic approaches to attract and retain customers. Firstly, possessing or employing skilled hairstylists and makeup artists is pivotal. Additionally, a well-equipped space with essential tools and products is indispensable.

Investing in quality salon chairs, hair styling tools, quality beauty products, and comfortable amenities for clients contributes significantly to the salon’s success. Furthermore, adopting modern marketing strategies, leveraging social media, and prioritizing customer satisfaction are vital strategies to establish and expand the clientele base.

5. Professional Car Wash Business

Car Wash Business in Nigeria, has a significant scope and potential income if tapped into effectively. With a prime location, daily earnings can soar upwards of 50,000 naira, showcasing the lucrative nature of this venture. Starting costs hover around 250,000 naira, making it an accessible option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Opportunities in Car Wash: The professional car wash industry in Nigeria presents substantial income opportunities. Having a strategic and high-traffic location can drastically increase daily revenue, allowing for considerable earnings. The demand for professional car cleaning services remains consistently high, making this business a profitable venture.

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Essential Setup: Launching a professional car wash business necessitates meticulous planning and setup considerations. The foremost requirement is an ideal space, ideally situated in a high-traffic area or close to residential hubs. Adequate water supply and drainage facilities are essential for smooth operations.

Equipping the car wash with the right tools is paramount. This includes pressure washers, cleaning detergents, vacuum cleaners, and various brushes suited for different car surfaces. Additionally, having a waiting area for customers or offering additional services like interior detailing can enhance the business.

The startup cost estimate includes procuring necessary equipment, securing a feasible location, and covering initial operational expenses. While the figure may vary depending on location and specific business plans, it generally encompasses the basic setup needed to kickstart a successful car wash business.


Reflecting on the plethora of daily income business opportunities we’ve explored, it’s evident that Nigeria offers a rich tapestry of ventures ripe with potential. From the allure of boutique businesses to the practicality of phone repair services, each business opportunity discussed offers a unique avenue for generating daily income. We’ve delved into the nuances of Okrika clothing, the thriving market of POS payment services, the engaging realm of freelance writing, and the steady demand for bakery products, among others.

I encourage you to explore these options with an open mind. Assess your interests, resources, and the market demands in your area. Perhaps your knack for graphic design aligns with the growing need for such services, or maybe the culinary maestro within you could spearhead a successful restaurant.

Every venture we’ve covered holds promise, it’s about finding the right fit for your aspirations and circumstances. Remember, success in daily income businesses isn’t solely about financial gains; it’s about embracing your passion and contributing meaningfully to your community while reaping the benefits.

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